David and Kathy from Switzerland

May 8, 2013

Thank you on behalf of David and me for taking such good care of us during our recent tour of some of the highlights of your homeland. We loved every moment and appreciated all the information you shared with us over those nine days. If only we could start all over again!

How patient you were, how efficient (all that checking in at hotels, for example, was made quite painless for us - and all the meals that just appeared without any effort on our part - and the delicious picnic.....). One thing we particularly enjoyed was having flexible time in places: stopping by the butcher's 'shop' by the side of the road last Friday, hopping off the bus to shop for baskets (now proving very useful in the home), an unscheduled lunch at the Zhe Cafe - all that and very much more made our holiday truly special.

We do hope that in the not too distant future, you and your family will be able to spend restful and relaxing time together. You are such a good ambassador for your country - we will not forget you, or Kurdistan!

Very best wishes from Switzerland.

David and Kathy