Kurdistan resources

  • AH Layard's  'Nineveh and its Remains' (1849)
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  • Isabella Bird's  'Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan' (1891, 2012)
  • EB Soane's  'To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise'  (1912, 2009)
  • WA and Edgar TA Wigram's  'The Cradle of Mankind: Life in Eastern Kurdistan' (1914, 2013)
  • Rupert Hay's  'Two Years in Kurdistan' (1921, 2008)
  • AM Hamilton's  'Road Through Kurdistan' (1937, 2005)
  • CJ Edmonds'  'Kurds Turks and Arabs' (1957)

The film tells the story of a family of nomadic shepherds destroyed by their contact with modern civilization as they transport a flock of sheep by train to Ankara. The central figure in the film is the son who tries to heal the rifts caused by family vendettas and to adapt to modern society. Eventually he is destroyed - driven to inarticulate revolt and then promptly beaten and arrested - just as the old patriarch is swallowed up in the anonymity of sprawling present day Ankara.

William O. Douglas, the longest serving justice in the history of the United States Supreme Court (nearly 37 years), while still a justice, drove from Karachi (Pakistan) to Istanbul via Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.  Just the three of them - Justice Douglas, his wife who was the car mechanic, and a woman friend of hers - without security arrangements of any kind. They drove 11,000 kilometers, much of it over unpaved roads, in the summer of 1957, in a 1956 Chevrolet station wagon without air-conditioning. 

Features "The Other Iraq".  It's all there in black and white text, and convincing color photographs by Ed Kashi.

Many books have been written on Kurdistan and many more are awaited. There are two key books that offer in-depth background information and insights on where the Kurdistan Region has come from.  Both books, written separately and at very different times, fit together.

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