• AH Layard's  'Nineveh and its Remains' (1849)
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  • Isabella Bird's  'Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan' (1891, 2012)
  • EB Soane's  'To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise'  (1912, 2009)
  • WA and Edgar TA Wigram's  'The Cradle of Mankind: Life in Eastern Kurdistan' (1914, 2013)
  • Rupert Hay's  'Two Years in Kurdistan' (1921, 2008)
  • AM Hamilton's  'Road Through Kurdistan' (1937, 2005)
  • CJ Edmonds'  'Kurds Turks and Arabs' (1957)

Many books have been written on Kurdistan and many more are awaited. There are two key books that offer in-depth background information and insights on where the Kurdistan Region has come from.  Both books, written separately and at very different times, fit together.

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