September 11 is (also) the anniversary date of the Kurdistan revolution that began in 1961.  From his assignment in Beirut, The New York Times Middle East correspondent Dana Adams Schmidt “disappeared in Kurdistan” during the summer of 1962 for 59 days. Avoiding Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, and Iraqi authorities, Schmidt trekked with peshmerga and rode donkey, mule, and horse across today’s Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  Following this assignment he received a prestigious award, “For the best reporting requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad.”

Features "The Other Iraq".  It's all there in black and white text, and convincing color photographs by Ed Kashi.

Many books have been written on Kurdistan and many more are awaited. There are two key books that offer in-depth background information and insights on where the Kurdistan Region has come from.  Both books, written separately and at very different times, fit together.

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